Welcome to Skepti-Forum.

Skepti-Forum is an independent, volunteer-run project built for encouraging rational dialogue amongst the global community on scientific issues in society. Our bottom-up community discourse aims to advance scientific reasoning and skepticism while challenging misinformation and public manipulation.

The SF community seeks to foster reasoned discussion of public scientific debates which affect society. Our forums on various social networks are set up to answer questions, provide information, evaluate sources, and practice skepticism. Discussion should focus on facts, credible sources, and scientific literature. For a productive discussion, each person should adopt the principle of charity and help create an open atmosphere encouraging a mutual exchange of ideas. The forums are a collective puzzle solving activity rather than an arena of gladiators vying to defeat opponents. Some puzzle pieces might not fit so well, but flipping the table isn’t going to help anyone see the bigger picture.

Skepti-Forum is a community project open to everyone interested in a mutual exchange of ideas and information. While some ideas may dominate discussion, nothing is beyond reasoned, evidence-based criticism (not even our rules and principles). At its core, SF is neither pro, nor anti. We are suspicious of polarization and false balance, focusing instead on thorough discussion of nuances. The foundation of SF is based on scientific skepticism, meaning that our most basic premise is reasoned inquiry into issues. As the weight of evidence grows in favour of certain claims, those claims will likely become more accepted on our forums. Any member, at any time, may challenge claims on our forum, no matter how many people believe those ideas. One of our core rules is that if someone makes a claim, they must be willing to back up their claim with supporting evidence. All members have the right to request evidence from someone making a claim. On SF, evidence and reason trump conjecture and speculation. Further, when it comes to claims regarding the natural world, we give scientific evidence extra weight in evaluating claims. As skeptics, we need other people to help point out our blind spots; therefore, if someone believes that a member is negatively prejudiced towards an idea, the best thing to do would be to point out that prejudice. If anyone has made an error in reasoning, we want to show them, not just tell them. While some people may feel that our forum is biased, we do our best to make sure that we are biased towards fact, reason, and science.

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